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Monday, March 30, 2020

Project 2mm Terrain: Update 9

Now that renovations have finished, I got a little time this weekend to do some miniatures stuff. I got the urge to work on my terrain board. I was hoping to start flocking it but instead I'll settle for blocking out the heavy woods, swamp, and other terrain, because white background is the devil when it comes to flocking.

One of the reasons I had problems is that I discovered that I only have 2 inch brushes or 00 brushes. Nothing in between. So it meant slathering on with the big brush and then having to use the small brush to put in the edges.

Nevertheless, this is progress!

I must say the board looks radically different with the contour lines now blending in.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Trumpeter in March

With the rush to finish our home renovations, posting (and all miniature activity) has taken a back seat. Renovations are done (yea!) so I'm posting about the Trumpeter game on the first Friday of March.

It was an interesting English Civil War battle with 2mm figures using the Rampant rules engine (in this case Rebels and Patriots with some modifications, instead of the more temporal Pike and Shotte).

The main modification was automatic passing for movement activation. This made keeping formations possible and worked nicely. I'm not entirely sure whether the formations are built into the game and just renamed or whether they were modifications.

The battle started from a historical deployment. You can see more pictures at The Dying Gaul and he has another account of the battle.

 My initial thought was to push on the right and hold up on the left, falling back if necessary. Another Parliamentary commander showed up so I gave him command of the left starting from the artillery.

I had expected the Royalist to really push hard with both cavalry, so I was surprised when that did not happen. I felt a little bad for giving the other guy a command that wasn't really seeing action, but that wasn't what I anticipated when I gave him those troops.

On my right, I managed to win the cavalry battle by 1-2 punching the Royalist horse with one of my reserve units. I then used them to roll up the infantry.

 Here you see the Parliament horse on the right chasing off the Royalist cavalry, before wheeling to roll up the infantry.

Eventually, after doing nothing for a couple of turns, Rupert finally got the Royalist horse moving forward. However, they suffered from dismal activation rolls so no more than one unit was able to attack per turn.

This meant that the lone Parliament cavalry unit was able to fend off the entire Royalist attack, with minor assistance of a dragoon unit.

The end is nigh with the Royalist infantry threatened from the front and rear.

Good fortune was on the Parliament side for even when I lost a battle, I managed to take out the opposing horse through distracting them with a pursuit.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Project 2mm Terrain: Update 8

The project has taken a back seat to house renovations, and as a result, I've lost a lot of momentum and my will to complete it has fallen off quite a bit. Perhaps documenting where I'm at will help me get my mojo back on this.

Basically, I have completed the terrain elevations. I have also put some boards around the outside, which cleans up the edges and provides support and rigidity.

I have partially sealed the entire thing but I think I will wait until I get to some Mod Podge to do the job properly. I have to see how much dirt brown paint I have because I want to paint the entire thing with three different browns: regular dirt, a darker shade for swamp and bog, and a different brown for forested areas.

Once I have that done, I can put the roads in and flock it. Then it will be about putting in buildings and fences and other features.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Trumpeter in February

After being snowed out for January's meeting, I wanted to make February's game. I was a little late in arriving but managed to get in a game of Rebels and Patriots but set in the French and Indian war.

It started out two players a side with the British attacking a French settlement. The bulk of the French set up in the settlement. I had the left with a couple of militia units and a unit of Coureurs des Bois. This unit I made the backbone of my defense because of their better shooting. I would keep them at long range and use them to snipe the British. I took the three units on the left and the reinforcements.

This first shot shows after turn 2. The French got lucky with their reinforcements showing up on time and in a good location on the far right. Being veteran line, I had one unit in close order and had it charge a British unit right away. Despite taking heavy casualties going into the fight, I made it to contact. For the rest of the game, the French line would keep pitching into the British unit, slowly grinding down.

Elsewhere, the British tried to shoot their way into the centre. That was going to be tough to do because the French militia unit behind the stone wall mounted a stubborn defense. Eventually, the French got reinforcements to support the gallant militia unit and the British conceded the day.

In this image, you can see the remnants of the final British push on the walled paddock. The sustained and effective fire of four French units concentrated on these two British units proved too much.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Project 2mm Terrrain: Update 7

Woooo Hooo!

✅ 80 ✅ 90 ✅ 100  ✅ 110  120  130  140  150  160  170  180  190

I've completed all the hills on the board! It took a lot longer than I expected but I did get faster as I went along.

Here's the board almost complete with just the corner to go. I finished it the next night. Despite each contour being only 1mm, there's some really substantial valleys in the board.

Things I learned

Well, I've learned a few things that, if I ever do this again, I would do differently:
  • Not do every contour line. I would just do every second contour using the foamcore and use polyfilla to smooth out the contour lines
  • Put reinforcing bars. About half way through, the board started to warp and it's now at about 1/2 inch on both ends. 
  • Cork is a neat material to use. I would use it more often for contouring because it is easy to cut using scissors, flexible, and resists compression. It is pretty expensive if you need to use a lot.

What's next

  1. Add some 1x1 bars to the back to straighten it out.
  2. Since I have decided to keep the contours showing, trim some of the paper overhangs so that all of the contours are clean.
  3. Seal the board so that it won't absorb water when I flock.
  4. Mark the locations of the waterways, roads, and buildings.
  5. Figure out how tall to make the trees.
  6. Figure out where to put the woods and how to do them. One woods is marked on the board. I've seen another map with woods in other locations.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Trumpeter September and Call to Arms

On September 13th, Trumpeter held their regular monthly club meet. I managed to get into a 2mm game of American Civil War. We were doing the opening day of 1st Bull Run using a set of rules call Bonny Blue Flag. I found the rules very interesting if slightly frustrating in that you could spend a lot of valuable command points and not accomplish much. But on the other hand, I did launch a very successful attack late in the game on the far right. I think I'd very much consider using them for my own 2mm figures. As an added bonus, I met Doug from He has a very nice blog and you should check it out.

On the 14th, Trumpeter held a brand new event for them. A whole day of gaming in the fall.

The morning saw me back at ACW with a set of rules called Stars and Bars. It's a set of rules written over 40 years ago and it shows: written orders as its command and control, features a complex damage table, and relies on details to try to achieve a "realism". Unfortunately, it took a long time to set up and get the game going, so we ran out of time before getting really stuck in.

The afternoon game was French and Indian Wars using Rebels and Patriots. Basically, it's the same rules engine as Lion Rampant. I enjoy the system but I'm thinking it's a bit too loose for my taste.

The final game was modified Force on Force for WW2. I enjoyed the game except for when we had a PIAT team sneak to the rear flank of a buttoned Panther only to lose the initiative roll and be vaporized by a lightning-reflexed tank crew. The Germans attacked from an unexpected direction and it looked grim for the Canadians. But then the Germans became fixed on firing LMGs from their halftracks. The Canadians moved troops to the threatened flank and then every slight German burst was met with a massive volume of fire in response. It was an interesting game and I didn't realize how the Canadians were winning until I saw how their reaction fire was taking its toll. They were also helped by a very effective rocket attack by a Typhoon.

No pictures because of my phone. I have an ancient camera somewhere so I think I will have to look for it so that I can take some pictures.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Project 2mm Terrain: Update 6

✅ 80 ✅ 90 ✅ 100  ✅ 110  120  130  140  150  160  170  180  190

That's another 2 levels done. The next set of two are the trickiest in terms of complex shapes but after that, the hills smooth out and take up less overall terrain.

The more I think about it, the more I'm inclined to keep the contour lines. I won't be saving any time because I would need to clean up the paper overhangs, but I think it will perform better as a gaming table, even if it is not quite as "realistic". There's a kind of honesty to keeping the construction method exposed that I'm appreciating.

(I really need to get a new phone. These are terrible pictures)